Nebraska style load bearing

7 years 11 months ago #4 by Lance Kairl
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Do you know a Victorian structural engineer who is familiar with load bearing straw bale construction? I'm an Architect and my usual engineers are uncomfortable with the concept and would prefer to use post and beam framing with straw bale infills as it is easier to obtain BCA certification .

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7 years 11 months ago #5 by Lance Kairl
Most stick with some form of post and beam structure for many reasons, one being ease of building code approval.
One practitioner used to do some load-bearing, now has a hybrid / partially load bearing system,

Concerns with any truly straw and or render combination bearing the load, is in the main quality control of all aspects, Bale quality, rending quality, quality of other structural elements.... sub door frames and lintles.
And mainly, if done by an owner builder with partially completed wall system in the elements for a season or two is of high concern..

Other benefits of some form of framing , is roof up first, work in shade and out of rain,
fixed bracing elements can be installed early in construction.

Regards lance Kairl
House of BAles

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