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Subject: Painting interior
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I’ve just been lucky to purchase a straw bale house and I have a question about painting interior walls.
Owner builder used regular commercial paint and I’m reading that walls needs to breath, he felt the water based would be enough. Can I add another layer of 2 coats regular paint on top?

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Internal colour finishes;
Lime wash , " Porters" or any brand or home made, no sealer required , 3 or more coats, can almost be recoated straight away, may need a light wet down prior to first coat.

Grimes and sons ; colorcoat , generally for mud brick, but works on lime or earth render.

Clay paints; Livos or Bauerwerks ( spelling ?)

Milk paints , chalk paints , distemper paints, natural paints.
Some more suitable for internal rather than external.
Check with manufacturer.

Main aim is to have a breathable ( vapour permeable) paint . ( this is not a breath easy paint).
Most paints are plastic films applied to a surface, most are not or have extremely low breathability.

Good luck.
Cheers lance
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