Welcome to Kunena!

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Welcome to Kunena!

Thank you for choosing Kunena for your community forum needs in Joomla.

Kunena, translated from Swahili meaning “to speak”, is built by a team of open source professionals with the goal of providing a top quality, tightly unified forum solution for Joomla.

Additional Kunena Resources

Kunena Documentation: http://www.kunena.org/docs

Kunena Support Forum: http://www.kunena.org/forum

Kunena Downloads: http://www.kunena.org/download

Kunena Blog: http://www.kunena.org/blog

Follow Kunena on Twitter: http://www.kunena.org/twitter

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Im guessing this is a fairly new section of the website / new website for AusBale? Im here because we will be starting our strawbale house build any day now and will be eager for advice, suggestions, information along the way Im sure, and happy to share same. Cheers, Trish

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