Clay Render Thickness

6 years 6 months ago #23 by Kane Morley
Hi all
I'm just designing a straw bale home with clay render and would like to know what the current thoughts are on the finished thickness the render? I'm thinking of applying it with a Render Sprayer

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6 years 6 months ago #24 by Lance Kairl
Replied by Lance Kairl on topic Clay Render Thickness
Earth render ( clay binder) is usually recommended to be not less than a total of 50mm thick.
reinforced or stabilized earth render may achieve a good result with 35 -40mm thickness.

the type of render gun you have indicated will require your render mix to be rather runny, equating to many coats in order to acheive the required thickness. I have heard of one person applying 9 coats of render using a similar device. 2 thick coats sprayed on by a Pump , and the final coat ( 3-5mm thick) by hand is our usual method.

note some texture coat pumps or rotor and stator type pumps , will not cope with even small stones in the mix.
regards Lance Kairl House of bales.
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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #39 by gary Dorn
Replied by gary Dorn on topic Clay Render Thickness
we are currently building an infill Strawbale residence with clay plaster to both interior and exterior. Client wanted the plaster quick thick ( 90mm). after applying the first slip coat - by hand, we then tried to achieve most of the thickness with the next coat -
Naa at 70mm the stuff just slumped off the wall after a couple hours. -
So we then resolved doing more thinner coats - all up about 4 coats , with the final coat quite thin, so we can float then scorch the surface nicely - our walls are now pretty flat.

what actually take most of the time and determines the speed , is the sieving and mixing of the earth to create the desired plaster. - you don't really want any rocks stone or clumps of clay in the mix.

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